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Dr. Houmam Al-Hakeem is a board-certified obstetrician-gynecologist in San Antonio who’s passionate about delivering the best and most comprehensive medical care possible for his patients. For patients who prefer a well-respected but less traditional approach to obstetrical care, Dr. Al-Hakeem is happy to include midwives on his team at Westover Hills Women’s Health. Acting under his supervision, these highly trained health care professionals use their expertise to support you throughout your pregnancy.

Midwifery Q & A

What is a midwife?

Midwives are trained professionals who offer individualized care for women throughout the stages of their pregnancy. The midwives at Westover Hills do not participate in home births. But they do see you for routine exams, make recommendations for your diet, lab work as required, and otherwise manage all aspects of all your medical and emotional care during pregnancy.

Midwifery follows a woman-centered approach to maternity. Midwives work alongside physicians and other health care professionals to ensure your pregnancy is a successful and rewarding experience. It’s estimated that midwives attend approximately 70% of births in industrialized countries across the globe. While midwife-assisted births are much lower in the United States, this collaborative model of health care continues to gain popularity.

What are the advantages of seeing a midwife?

A midwife focuses on developing a close relationship with you. They give you prenatal care, as well as educate you about what to expect during pregnancy and delivery and how to care for your newborn. Midwives care for your physical health and the well-being of your baby, but also attend to the emotions that may come with becoming a parent.  

This holistic approach to obstetrical care may help reduce the frequency of birth injury, trauma, and cesarean section. It also provides a welcome alternative for women who prefer a more natural approach to pregnancy than that offered by the sometimes sterile approach of Western medicine. One of the core beliefs of the midwife is that pregnancy, labor, and delivery are normal parts of life, rather than a temporary condition requiring clinical care.    

What if I have health problems during my pregnancy?

While the midwife philosophy prefers a natural approach to pregnancy and birth, it by no means excludes the value and importance of medical technology and a physician’s skill. Dr. Al-Hakeem is a highly respected obstetrician who has experience with both low-risk and high-risk pregnancies.

Every patient under a midwife’s care at Westover Hills Women’s Health has access to Dr. Al-Hakeem’s expertise. You can also expect to undergo screening lab work that tracks important aspects of your health, such as blood sugar checks to rule out gestational diabetes.

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