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Christy Jackson, CNM


Meet Christy Jackson

Certified Nurse Midwife, CNM

Ms. Jackson, has been taking care of mamas, babies and families for nearly 2 decades! A proud alumnus from Yale University and a US AirForce vet, Christy has gained her expertise by caring for women in the military and all over the world! She believes that helping women learn to care for their babies, bodies, families and ultimately becoming the healthiest version of themselves, is truly her passion. She strongly believes in both a holistic and medicinal approach when caring for her patients. She is a self-proclaimed “baby whisperer” and has been able to assist many, many women navigate difficult labors and births, both medicated and unmediated. Whether you aspire to achieve a natural, unmedicated childbirth or cringe at the thought of it, she is prepared to meet you wherever you are and help you have the safest, most beautiful birth imaginable.

Christy, equally enjoys working alongside her colleagues, in either of our 3 locations and prides herself on providing excellent care for all women regardless of age, cultural background, shape, size and age! Christy is an expert at providing contraception counseling, working with teens as well as In her free time, Christy loves spending time with her wonderful husband, 2 beautiful daughters, and very handsome, active baby boy! Her favorite pastimes include, traveling, playing competitive volleyball, as well as coaching her son’s youth football team with her husband and oldest daughter! She is a die hard Eagles fan and a huge Roadrunner fan!

Christy looks forward to getting to know more about you and helping you live your life to the fullest!

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